This is just one of the incredible cities I've been wanting to visit before moving! The architecture, the 
people, the shopping... all of it is so unique and gorgeous. We spent all three days walking, trying fun
 restaurants, touring mansions, and shopping....I'm thinking another visit may be in order, because I
 fell in love with Charleston....

This is my advice... Go. Pick a weekend to travel here, and trust me, you will not regret it. So, take a
look at our weekend there then go plan your trip so you can fall in love with this beautiful place too...

 I have very, very few photos of me, but y'all got lucky, because my sister happened to take two of me!

My amazing mom/assistant below and sister above


  1. You are the cutest M! :) And amazing photos, as always!

  2. You ladies look like you had so much fun! Love the portraits on the rocky road :)