Launching 12.31 | Shine & Soar

.......I stepped off the plane in Birmingham, trying to pull my very nervous, very scared self together for the ten girls I knew I was about to meet at SHINE..... As I waited for the group to arrive, I prayed... Hoping that Christ would use the next five days in my life to mold and shape me and my business.....

Little did I know when I stepped off that plane and introduced myself, that Christ was manifesting in my life dreams and relationships that would forever change me. The incredible thing is, this was just the beginning of an adventure. An adventure that would lead Bethany Aleshire, Ciera Chante, Sarah Delanie and I to launch a magazine.....

       Shine & Soar

  Shine & Soar began with Bethany's vision to encourage girls to be authentic, to be bold in their dreams, and to carry out those dreams with a passion. Back in September, after Shine, Bethany shared her vision for S&S with 
Ciera, Sarah, and I.  Christ had been laying a similar vision in my own heart for months, and I literally screamed the second I read the email from Bethany. I'm amazed at the fact that Christ so perfectly timed it all, and I am so excited to embark on this journey!

Our dreams, desires, and talents are an incredible gift, and a direct reflection of Christs amazing grace and love for all of us. Each and every one of us have been given unique gifts that are meant to glorify God and be shared with this world. Our deepest desire is to encourage young women to glorify Christ in every aspect of their lives, and to realize that they are beautiful, treasured, and precious in Gods eyes... Our gifts, our businesses, and our dreams are merely tools that we've been given to make a difference in peoples lives by glorify Christ. We want to empower and encourage young entrepreneurs to take their God-given talents, capitalize on what makes them different, and use that  in their business to make a difference in this world. Our hope if to create a community of young leaders and entrepreneurs who can love and encourage each other, and simply do life together.

We are turning the page.... And as we reach this first chapter, we realize that Shine & Soar is truly Christ's. The gifts we are given, the inspiration, is not our own, it is merely a gift. We love that God is using us to glorify Him in and through Shine and Soar, because that is what we are in this earth to do..... Simply to glorify Christ in all that we do.... And to live lives that are worthy of the calling Christ has placed on us....

We are so unbelievably excited about this adventure, and we want you all to be a part of it. We will be launching our very first intro issues for Shine & Soar on New Years Ever, and can't wait to share and celebrate it with y'all! 

....Because I love pretty things, and I know you all do too, I wanted to share our manifesto...Enjoy!

These are the incredible girls I'm sharing this adventure with! Can't wait to start sharing with you all!

Shine & Soar | Launching 12.31.12


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  1. Mackenzie,
    I am so excited to hear that you are doing this! I happen to love reading magazines, but it's so hard to find ones truly revolving around Christ. I found out about Shine & Soar via a Pinterest pin linking to Bethany's post and I am so thankful that I did. I am praying for you all as you start this.