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   Life is changing.... God is working in ways that I did not plan for, and doing things I did not expect. As I prepare for what is ahead, I am struck by the absolute grace Christ lays over us continually!

  We are moving to Minneapolis, Minnesota this coming summer! As many of you know, this will be our 6th move in my 16 wonderful years of life. Though I did not plan for, nor expect this, God has completely flooded my heart with a joy and excitement for what is ahead. Our move is another incredible reminder to enjoy this chapter of life, to let go of my plans (that's always the hardest part), and to love the adventures here and now.

   The past five years we've had here, in North Carolina, have been incredible. I am so unbelievably thankful for the opportunities I've had, and the wonderful people we have met. Had we not moved here, I would not have launched either of my businesses and experienced all that I have. Thank you so, so much to each and every person who has touched my life while we have been here.

  We have decided that we are going to enjoy the amazing cities around us while we are still in North Carolina! So, you will be seeing a heck of a LOT of our adventures as we travel all the way from Charleston to New York. I will keep updating you all as we prepare for what is ahead!

  I so love this quote by Jim Elliot and how relevant it is for me right now.....


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