Josh & Taylor | Part 1 | Charleston

 I loved spending time with this amazing couple while we were in Charleston and again when we visited them in Savannah this past weekend! Since I couldn't fit all of the gorgeousness into one blogpost, there will be 2 parts. One now with a few images from Charleston and the second will be filled with images from our shoot this past weekend in Savannah!

A little bit about Josh & Taylor...
Taylor and Josh started dating at 16, in July of 2006. They were married 5 years later at Taylor’s suburban Chicago childhood home on August 13, 2011. During the outdoor ceremony, the skies started to rumble and during their vows, they bursted open with strong hail and rain. The wind-blown Groom and his Bride basked in the surprise and merriment of their eventful day- a day their guests will never forget! They happily moved to Savannah, Georgia, as newlyweds, just 3 days later. 
On their anniversary each year, Taylor participates in the Bridal Revolution. This sweeping trend allows the Bride to, once again, wrap herself in the timeless memories that surround her wedding gown. 
I feel so blessed to have Josh & Taylor as my very first couple! I am so excited for all that this year holds with booking weddings, traveling and more! I cannot wait to share the images from this Savannah, but until then, take a peek at our rainy day shoot in Charleston….

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  1. Gah Gah Gorgeous!! Awesome job M! xoxo