Pearce & Chloe | Franklin, Tennessee

I feel so grateful and blessed to have been a part of Pearce & Chloe Galliher's beautiful Franklin, Tennessee wedding. Their love was so evident in every detail. I truly love and cherish this couple and both of their families. Everything from the weather to the setting was absolutely breathtaking. I love the way Pearce's face comes alive every time he sets his eyes on Chloe. It was incredible to witness those moments before Chloe walked down the isle as tears welled in her eyes and her father sweetly held her and looked down at her with such love before giving her away. I cannot wait to see Pearce & Chloe's marriage flourish in the years ahead as the God continues to bless their lives.


  1. That bride is GORGEOUS!!! And those bridesmaids dresses!? LOVE! Well done, Mackenzie!

  2. So.stinkin.proud.of.you. :)

  3. Anonymous22.5.13

    These are so gorgeous, Mackenzie! I love your style and the angles that you shoot at!!

  4. Anonymous24.5.13

    Beautiful job, Mackenzie! It looks beautifully editorial, yet with such a personal and authentic touch. Love it!