This Season | Preparation & Waiting

   I love everything about the Spring. The sun peeks its head out just a little longer.... The scent of
 damp, freshly cut grass fills the air. Beaches fill up as we soak in the warmth and hope for the slightest bit of a tan.... And most importantly, Spring symbolizes new growth. We see the beauty of change all around us as nature discards last years blooms and creates fresh new growth. Spring, for me, has been a time of preparation before big changes this summer. Amidst it all, I've been learning the importance of patience

After attending the incredible Making Things Happen Conference in March, I was so ready to come back and conquer all of the dreams I had immediately! Unfortunately, I got a huge slap in the face when I realized that I still had this lovely thing called school in my life… I was stuck in a place of frustration knowing that this very season,when others are jumping into their dreams head on, I need to prepare and

Waiting.... Goodness gracious, as much as I am a planner, I do not like waiting. This summer holds so much adventure with moving to Minneapolis(more info on when coming soon!), a trip to Europe, and shooting weddings in Tennessee, North Carolina, and Minneapolis… The things ahead are SO very exciting…The difficult thing is, I can't start them now. I have to wait, and sit here, and pray, and trust that
 my waiting makes those dreams and adventures so much more beautiful... It's all a matter of patience and trust as I depend on Gods timing instead of my own

Don't forget the importance of the season of preparation. Chase after your dreams with reckless abandon, but remember, God makes everything beautiful in time…sometimes we just need to wait a little bit longer to be blessed more in the long run. 

Be patient when God tells you to wait and plan....



P.S. I'd love to hear what you are waiting on and what you are jumping into head on.....


  1. Anonymous29.4.13

    What a perfect message for me to hear today! My family is in the process of possibly moving to another state...long story, but I'm feeling very bittersweet about leaving this place that I've lived my whole life. I'm trying to trust God with all of my heart and wait on Him and His plans! Thank you, Mackenzie!

  2. Oh Mackenzie...waiting is the absolute worst. It is so hard to be at the tip of such amazing adventures, and still have to sit and allow the Lord to work in you during the season beforehand. This summer, I am going on a worship tour around NC, and will also be beginning another major ministry, as well as traveling with the family.

    But for now, the Lord is telling me to seek Him during this in-between season. Thank you for your message today!

  3. Hi Mackenzie! I attended MTH in March, and I'm so sad I didn't get to talk to you. You are so young, and I think it's AWESOME! Your post is exactly what I needed to read. I graduated from college two years ago, and I'm dreaming big while waiting for (actively seeking!) a job. This time of waiting drives me insane, but I just keep holding onto the fact that there is a reason and it will be worth it in the end. Thanks for this, friend!