Texas | Jesus, Best Friends, and a Boat Load of Coffee

My heart is overflowing…with joy, excitement, courage, and hope. I spent this past weekend in Fort Worth, Texas with the most incredible young woman I have ever met. We spent three God-filled days talking, laughing, planning, and simply doing life.….  Back in August, I met Ciera, Sarah, and Bethany at the Shine retreat. Afterwards, we hit it off and kept in touch.

 Long story short, I did not think I would be able to make it to Ft. Worth for my amazing friend Sarah's surprise birthday bash, until late Wednesday night. After deciding last minute, Wednesday and Thursday were spent planning and prepping to leave. On Friday I hopped out of bed at 3am to prep for flying to Fort Worth that day. We spent the next three days talking, dreaming, and practically living in Starbucks!

///P.S. We have an extremely exciting project under wraps right now. It is absolutely fantastic AND it's launching on New Years Eve.  That is all for now, but we will be sharing more on it soon\\\

You will be seeing more of these girls in the future, but for now, introductions.....

 Bethany | Love this girls Sass!
 Sarah | She has the most breathtakingly beautiful smile and laugh! I also want to borrow her entire closet....
 Ciera | Her eyes are so striking...Love, love her sweet sense of humor!

Our driver and navigator!

We also decided to flood instagram with our sweet faces! Several of the photos below were snatched from Sarah and Ciera, and are all of our wild moments captured in between our semi-prepared-ness (Yes, in my world that is a word). 

My special, extra sparkly travel day shoes

We stopped for a quick lunch after I landed Friday.
Our fun shopping day!
We also got to visit my favorite store........Yes, Anthropologie 

We needed Starbucks to keep us alive on our last night. Yes, two of the drinks below were mine, one of them being ultra caffeinated!

 Each of these girls bless me with a greater friendship than I could ever imagine. It is hard to believe how short of a time we have known each other, yet we have become best friends. I cannot wait to continue to grow and pursue Jesus with theses incredible young women!


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