Weekend Life

I can't wait to start sharing some personal posts called weekend life. They'll be filled with lots of fun info on what I've been up to along with sharing some of my hopes, dreams, and desires ahead!

I have practically lived half of my life on the water with family! For as long as I can remember we've been taking our boat everywhere, traveling for family trips at lakes up north, and making memories along the way.

This past weekend we packed up the boat and the fam and headed out on the water! We had a gorgeous day filled with skiing, swimming, and even a little bit of rain....Yes, the rain was not in our plans! 

  P.S. All of the photos where shot on my iphone. I have fallen in love with my VSCO app so, I opted to leave my gear at home and instead make use of my phone while we were on the water! Here's a peek into the fun day......

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